Tony Perry!

1. Tony was born on February 25, 1986 (age 28) and from San Diego , CA.

2. His dad passed away and he has i tattooed on his arm.

3. He is the lead guitarist for the band.

4. His first tattoo was a turtle.

5. Tony was in Trigger My Nightmare with Jaime before PTV.

6. His grandpa taught him how to play guitar.

7. His favorite animal is a turtle.

8. He enjoys skateboarding.

9. Tony can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 2 minutes.

10. He met Vic at a guitar shop.

11. He once broke his ankle while skateboarding.

12. His favorite movie is Star Wars.

13. He likes Cheez-It’s.

14. Tony began playing the guitar at the age 15.

15. His favorite food i Mexican food.

16. He used to suffer from depression for years.

17. He loves Teenage Ninja Turtles.

18. The first song he learned to play on the guitar was Dammit by Blink-182.

19. He lives with best friend Jaxin Hall, wife Natalie Hall, and baby Ruby Hall.

20. He co-owns Key Street Clothing with Jaxin.

tumblr_n3ivqqnIp81qe41iuo1_500 Pierce-the-Veil-5


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