Kellin Quinn!

1. Kellin’s full name is Kellin Quinn Bostwick (Quinn is his middle name and Bostwick is his last name).

2. He was born on April. 24, 1968 (age 28) in Medford, Oregon.

3. He’s merrid to Katelynne and has a daughter named Copeland and tow step-sons named Liam and Rowan.

4. He usted to have gauges and a lip piecing.

5. Kellin is Christian.

6. His parents are Mary and Jeuse Quinn, and he has tow sisters and tow brothers.

7. He’s the lead singer of the band.

8. His favorite colors are green and blue.

9. Before SWS, he was in Closer 2 Closure, Fore All We Know, Screenplay, and Our Name In City Light.

10. Kellin is 5’8 and weighs 165 pounds.

11. He played the trumpet when he was in school.

12. He has his own clothing line.

13. He is a Taurus.

14. Kellin’s pearents divorced when he was 3.

15. “Wists are for bracelets, not cutting”-Kellin Quinn.

16. He can beatbox really well.

17. He’s good friends with Vic Fuentes from PTV.

18. He loves Big Macs.

19. He likes to wear Toms.

20. Kellin only weighed tow pounds when he was born.


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