Seeping with sirens and pierce the veil review

hello fellow band lovers cx

As you probably can tell by the title this is a review on the pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens concert we went to 25th of march 2015 in Gothenburg Sweden ^-^

three band played that day, Issues (warmup band) they were red! I’ve never heard their music before and I found it fucking badass! Pierce the veil played after Issues, it was great, except from the sound on Vic’s microphone, you could barely hear him, now, I don’t know if that’s because it was screaming fans everywhere and people sang on the top of their lungs, but I could wish for better sound, still Vic was so amazingly sweet and the entire band was grinning from ear to ear… Lastly was Sleeping with sirens, their show was great, Kellin was amazing, he was a bit rude at times (towards his bandmates) but other than that it was awesome ^-^

the crowd was a bit.. meh… some of the people i stood squished against kept giving me glares, like she’d never been to a concert before and expected people to not be near her… .-. The pit was pretty dull, no pit under Issues and the pit wasn’t massive under PTV either, it’s okay though, I understand some people don’t like moshing, it was better under sleeping with sirens, Personally I stood in the front under issues and pierce the veil, but then I got really really tired and almost fainted, luckly Anna and some others got me out of the crowd before I fainted ^^ They treated me well back there, and I’m thankful for that (CREDIT TO SECURITYGUARDS!!!) the merchandise was awesome and all in all, it was amazing. I’d recomend watching their shows live.

have you been to an amazing concert? maybe this one? Tell us about it in the comments!

Do you have a band to recomend to us, or maybe yo want us to post some information about someone? Comment!

xoxoxo Jennie and Anna

writer of this article: Jennie

(photo by Anna)

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